Snap Lead - 30", 40", 50"

£11.00 GBP

Snap Lead 30"

This lead is the choice of many professional handlers. It's perfect to use when hand stacking a medium size dog such as a Labrador or Setter. 

Use one while training gundogs. It's the perfect length for heel work and you can quickly unsnap the lead leaving the collar on to steady the dog in the early days of training. Use a bright color so it's easy to find if you drop it in a field.

It is just the right length to use when walking a dog on the show ground or on a city sidewalk. 


Snap Lead 40"

Length of choice for dog walkers everywhere. Pair it with a matching collar. 


Snap Lead 50"

Pair this with a matching slip collar or even a choke chain and you have about the same length as you have in a 72" slip lead but with a bit more control. If you like to step back from the dog but want the control of a slip collar this is the lead for you.


All of our leads are made of mountain climbing grade cord woven exclusively for the Weathertop Collection with a simple to use and very strong bolt snap. The Cariad charm lets you know it's handmade and dyed in our studio in North Wales.