Now your favorite leads come in a new range of styles and lengths from 50" , 60", 72" and 80" and 6 mm diameter and 4mm Shoestring  

Each lead is hand crafted in our studio here at Weathertop in North Wales.  The leads are kettle dyed in small batches using our own brilliant dyes that stand the test of time.

Every lead  carries our trademark Cariad Charm so you know it's the real thing... handmade in North Wales.

Many FCI countries in their wisdom now require an Anti Choke Stop lead to be used on all dogs competing in an FCI show. I personally have never seen a dog choke itself to death in the ring. We had so many requests for the Anti Choke lead that by  overwhelming  request we are now offering our It lead as a stock item.

We construct our lead using a metal ring (as shown) that prevents a dog from pulling and tightening a slip lead. This lead is required by FCI but is a gentle way to stop your dog from choking while in the ring or just out for a walk.

Because they're hand crafted instead of being manufactured in a factory you may find a slight variation in colour and length.